Is it compulsory to have a travel and health insurance policy while crossing the Georgian border?
Yes. In accordance with Georgian legislation, while crossing Georgian border inbound travelers should have travel and health insurance policy valid throughout the whole territory of Georgia. The policy should cover any expenses, related to the health conditions of the traveler.
Is it possible to be rejected to enter the territory of Georgia due to not having an appropriate insurance policy?
Yes. Not having appropriate insurance policy could become a reason for being rejected to enter Georgian territory.
What preferences does travel and health insurance, provided by Georgian insurance companies have?
Due to the fact that Georgian insurance companies operate on the local market, they have better communication with local medical institutions, high quality of services and significantly cheaper insurance policies.
How should I buy a policy from Georgian insurance company?
You can buy a policy from Georgian insurance companies from any part of the globe at any time via web portal einsurance.ge. Here you can find complete information about insurers, personally choose your company and buy a policy.
How do I receive a policy?
As soon as you complete online application and pay the premium, you will receive an e-mail with your policy attached. The e-copy of policy is similar to and as valid as an original printed version.
How soon will I receive my copy of the policy?
You will receive your copy of the policy within 1 working day from completing online application and paying the insurance premium. The policy will be valid during the period, preliminarily selected by you in the online application form.
Whom should I contact for an additional information?
If you need any additional information, please contact us by e-mail: info@einsurance.ge or call us: +995 595 93 20 11.
How should I act in case of insured accident?
In case of insured accident, you should contact 24/7 hotline of your selected insurer and follow the instructions. The contact details will be given on your copy of policy.

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