Insurance Company Unison was established in the beginning of 2011 and during this short period of time managed to become one of the prominent players on Georgian Insurance Market. With share holders having many years of experience in insurance business, strong international partners and variety of products, Insurance Company Unison very rapidly deserved customers’ confidence and gained significant market share on the corporate segment. Insurance company Unison is apartner of strong international financial institutions and cooperates with A-Rated reinsurance companies of western countries and London market.Unisons partners-world’s leading and rated reinsurance companies guarantees reliability and gives the possibility to grantfull coverage for the high capacity risks. Nowa days Unison is in the leading position in property and liability insurance sector.

From the end of 2014 Insurance Company Unison begins active retail product development. Unison is positioned, as independent, pure insurer which is not affiliated with non insurance businesses. Unison offers its customers wide range of insurance products both for corporate and retail segments.


Peace of mind is important to customers. And that comes not only from the coverage we provide, but also from service options like custom billing.

We offer our clients the shortest period of time for reimbursement and various choices of getting it. It allows our customers to establish a pay plan customized to meet their unique needs.


We realize that the important for users is how we handle their claims. Our goal is to make instant, fair and accurate services through our skilled and professional personnel.

Our main goal is to be the most fast and high quality service provider company on the market. In order to improve our services in one of the most important aspects, we are the first in Georgia who created an insurance mobile app that simplifies the most crucial to our customer - the claim regulation process, and improves the quality of our service.

From claim submission, to evaluation, and through the final resolution, our claims professionals provide prompt service and treat people with fairness and respect.

We offer our customers the highest quality worldwide claims management service through our professional partner surveyors worldwide.


Our main goal is to be the most fast and high quality service provider company on the market. In order to improve our services in one of the most important aspects for the first time in Georgia Unison launched new Insurance Mobile Application.

The main idea in making the app was to get closer and to remove barriers between the company and customers we serve. Through the application our insurance service has become even more rapid and of high quality. By using the app the claim regulation procedures became much easier and service time shortened significantly.


Unison is leader in providing high quality health insurance service by providing the unique solutions for the customers.

Unison has the fastest reclamation management line on the market and as a result we are the least sued. Insurance Company according to the official statistics of the Health Insurance Mediation Service.

E-insurance is licensed Georgian insurance broker company GeoTrust project.